Girlfriend deleted Facebook pictures of us. break up imminent?

been together for several months. i noticed this this weekend. also blocked on Twitter randomly. lost. plan to talk to her... not sure if we'll end up breaking up


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  • did you two fight? if so talk to her if not and she did this at random. i think she's breaking up with you

    • no we didn't fight... but the affection has been decreasing this past week and a bit.

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  • LOL first thing i thought was "brace for impact" im a fool
    from what you say, she could be trying to get out of social media and its drama. but it never hurts to ask what is going on and don't specify nor bring up the break up thing. go simple like "i noticed things are missing, whats with that" something along those lines.


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  • Could be or she's trying to get attention from you. She might want you to ask her about it

    • we'll see

    • Dude women are attention seeking machines. They will go to all costs to get that attention from you. Don't play the game. Has she acted different lately?

  • Get there before she does and dump.

    The look on her face will be priceless.


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