My story is lengthy so please bare with me. Should I stay or go?

My ex and I had dated for 3 years (9.14.11) and he's enlisted in the Army. He got sent back in the middle of October because he hurt himself badly and he needed to recover. We spent this time together. He got sent back a few weeks later then came back for Christmas leave.

During Christmas things were great and I when to his father's house and cooked everyone dinner. We all exchanged gifts and had a great time. Things got bumpy around New Years.

On New Years Eve, I wanted to go out to a party and watch the ball drop but he wanted to be introvert and stay home. He said, "I don't know those people I just want to stay home with you." I understood that but we did that every single year!

The party was being hosted by his older sisters friends and I didn't know them either so I figured we could get to know people as a couple. I brought this up in conversation and he was still against it. He told me he had something planned for us. That same night (8ish) we watched Netflix movies and cuddled (what we do every year). Around 10pm we argued about why we couldn't do anything different. It lasted all the way till 12 and we didn't kiss or anything (great resolution I know - __-). The took me home and the whole car ride I cried because he said some things that hurt me terribly. I had an anxiety attack as well.

The next day I realized that after the night before we had way more differences than I thought. I tried to suggest things but he wouldn't budge. Then I said if you won't change for the benefit of us then you will never change and we'll continue to argue. We broke up the same day. I said I needed space.

He left two days after for basic and we've been writing evers since. We talked on the phone earlier this month but it was brief. I miss him but I'm scared he'll never change. He graduates on the 19th this month and he asked was I coming. Its a 6 hour drive and his parents are coming. I miss him.

My question is should I go and try to resolve some things?
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  • I think women try to change their mates too much. Just let him be as is. I'm an introvert and can understand him. Are you willing to change half-way?

    • I'm willing to change with no problem. Only! If its for the benefit of us. He won't change at all. That's why we argue and continue to separate

    • Why overthink the problem in advance? I think you're just complicating matters...

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