How to move on with your life after being heartbroken?

If you love someone more than anything and they break your heart, how to move on with your life and be happy again? And how to regain self confidence and self love?


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  • Basically instead of crying because it's over, you smile because it happened.

    I know this is a rather glib answer but that's the basic process of grieving. I'm sorry for your loss. The breakups I experienced felt like my flesh was ripped from me and everyone could see my huge opened wound.

    Go do some very kind things for yourself.


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  • You have to do your best to keep your mind busy and tell yourself you deaerve to be happy. Hang out with friends, find a new hobby... thinking of the what's ifs will only make it worse. My ex broke up with me and for 5mths i was so heartbroken but I continued to show him we deserve to be together.. now he is my bf and we are doing a lot better. Sometimes in life distance isn't always a bad thing but if you really don't care to be with him than realize this situation is best and in time the pain will heal


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  • Girl, start dating someone else. You're beautiful! Don't let this drag you down. Get busy!


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