Too much too fast?

I'm met a girl online, she just moved back to the states after being abroad for 3 years (she is 34, divorced for 5 years, and I'm 37, never married). First date went real well, second date, a week later, we ended up at a hotel, car got trapped at the valet, and ended up sleeping together.

Third date, two days later, she came over, I cooked her dinner and she spent the night, nothing happened. Three days later she called and broke it off telling me she isn't ready to be dating (only being back in the states for 2 weeks and needing the time to adjust to being back at work, catching up with friends, etc). However, a day later I see her back online on a dating website.

A week later she texts thanking me for sending her the earrings she left at my place. I reply back "You're Welcome" and she responds "xoxo". That was two weeks ago - nothing since then.

Thoughts? Should I call her? Should I wait to see if I hear from her?

Too much too fast?
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