How long before they break up?

My friend is long distance relationship with a guy that cheated on her twice (one time a one night stand, twice his ex). She took him back three times because he apologized in tears and promised her the world etc. if she went back with him.
He is still talking/hanging out with this ex although he claims nothing is going on anymore, and it seems like he is telling the truth. (the ex is dating again). My friend does not know about this.
I am telling her to break up with this j**k but she won't hear anything. I don't think the guy wants to end it either, he says he wants to marry her and make a big mistake etc. he will do whatever it takes to have her back. Is there hope this s**tty Relationship will finish and how long before it does? Maybe he will change and they can live happily ever after? (The guy has been under a lot of stress lately, he is also very young (17) and seems remorseful for what he has done). Should I tell my friend additional information even though it will hurt her?


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  • She won't listen because people who get cheated on are in denial, and leopards never change their spots.
    If they ever live together he'll cheat on her then and she'll be left in a miserable life. The only thing for you to do is to step back because no one likes being told what to do (you telling her to breakup with him) so just let her get hurt and be there as a friend to pick up the pieces.


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