I'm depressed and mourning over my ex I don't know what to do?

I broke up with him because I discovered he was sleeping with men unprotected behind my back. I'm angry but I'm also very sad because I was in love with him :-( but there's no way I could stay in a relationship with him. It hurts so bad and all I can do is think about our good memories and look at photos of us together. It's so hard, my heart is crushed so badly right now. I thought we'd be together for a long time and start a family. This person I thought I knew I really didn't know. Why me?


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  • This dude was presumably using you to hide the fact that he's a closeted homosexual. OR he could be bisexual, in which case he's a cheating/lying piece of shit.

    So either way -- obviously you can't be in a successful long-term relationship with him, unless you want to have an open relationship in which he can sleep with dudes on the side.

    I believe in letting one minor indiscretion slide (or maybe even a couple) for the sake of saving a relationship, but it sounds like he was engaged in prolonged and highly deliberate cheating. It hurts but he's not the one for you.

    Cry over some Sam Smith and then start picking up the pieces.


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  • Don't worry. This period of sadness will end and you will find someone better


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  • I'm sorry. That sucks. If not you, then who else? Lol
    On a more serious note, maybe he just found out who he really is. You're focused on you and how you feel right now. How about how he feels? He realized that women aren't for him anymore. Again, it sucks donkey balls you happened to be his girlfriend while realized he is gay. And his cheating is in no way justified. But just know, you'll find a guy who's gonna want you and only you eventually. Not any other man or woman! He is out there...

  • The breaks ups, hook ups culture...

    50% divorce rates... Huh.. Don't you have common sense?

    By the way chill dear...



  • Personally I'd be getting tested like asap


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