How am I supposed to act?

Hello world.
So, i just broke up with my boyfriend. We were together for one year (only haha). We lived together. With also two other guys, his and now my friends (i guess). I am actually home for the holidays with my family that i haven't seen in six months. In two weeks i'll get back there, in our apartment. He's going to sleep on the sofa while i'll get the bedroom. But see, i don't really know how am i supposed to act? For being honest with you, i don't think of him here. Because i have an internship and i'm with my family. Also i try hard to not to. Which, surprisingly, is not so complicated after all. But, i know that the return is going to be hard. Because we are going to see each other again and i'm afraid that him living his life without caring of me anymore is going to hurt me. Even if it's normal. My two roommates are very comprehensive, i know that with them i don't have to be afraid of anything. But, him. It's another story. We were best friend before all of that happen. We know each other since three years know. We used to text every second of the day. We used to, yeah. I have to deal with that this sentence now. I miss my best friend more than my actual (ex) boyfriend. And i know it will never be the same anymore. That the hardest part. I need him in my life i know it. But, it's weird. When i think of him with other girl, i can't really picture it. At least not now. Not in this apartment. Apartment we now share, apart.
In September i will have to move out. I'm aware of that. And i will find sometimes. But he said i can stay, that it's not the priority for now. He cares about me, if what he said is true. But is he miss me? As his best friend? Because i really do and i don't know how to say it.. without sounded weird... I'm lost. Because i don't want to ignore him or that he ignored me. I want that to be civilised. I want my friend back, without being weird.
PS : Sorry for my English . I'm french. Even if it's not exactly an excuse.


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  • Get out of the house and go out with your friends. Don't think about him


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