Ex-Husband is moving in with 3rd girl in under a year. What can I say or do to stop our 5 year old daughter from staying with him?

I got divorced a year ago and my ex husband has lived in 4 different homes with two other women. He just informed me that he got an apartment with a girl he met 4 months ago and wants our daughter to stay with them on his weekend. How can I stop him from continually bringing our daughter around different women and into different homes?


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  • Talk to him about it and say you love that he still wants contact with his daughter and you are thrilled that he's so involved in her life but you'd like to give her more stability. Being a strange house with a strange person can be scary to a little kid and you're worried she's not enjoying her time as much as she could. Maybe there's a way you guys can go half and half on a hotel room or he can stay at his parents' house for the weekend? Be open and nonconfrontational and see what happens.


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  • You have any idea how horrible this is? My kids mom has stopped me from seeing my own kid for years over shit I'm completely innocent of because she just doesn't like me. I'd give anything in the world to be a part of my kids life again. I've been to hell and back over this for the last ten years and it absolutely kills me knowing I have I kid I can't see. You may not like him but that's still her dad. Mother's like you I can't stand.

    • Mothers like me? This is not a matter of me liking him or not bc we get along fine and i would never keep his daughter from him! I dont think its in her best interest to be moving every 3 months with a different woman. If you think that is the way kids should be brought up then you deserve what you got. I did not mention anything about taking away his rights.

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    • yeah im the ignorant one

    • Clearly.. I still got my kid.

  • Not sure you can. Depends on the terms of your divorce, the laws of the state you live in and him. You could explain your concerns to him, but not to much you can do to stop him.

  • He's allowed to have women in his life, with or without your approval. He's her parent too, and can parent her as he sees fit--you lost your say when you got divorced. Cut the shit and stop being a controlling wench.

    • Im not trying to stop him from having women in his life. Im not trying to change the way he parents our daughter. He can sniff cocaine off a strippers ass 5 days a week. All I ask is that the 4 days a month he gets his daughter that he provide some stability for her. Sorry but I have court papers that say I have a say so in my child's life. If you aren't a parent who respects a child then you have no need to comment. You can go raise your kids how you see fit and im sure if you are doing this especially to a little girl ill bet my life shell grow up with daddy issues. So cut your shit and move along with your ignorance.

    • Yeah you have court papers that indicate you have a say. Those papers also indicate he has a say, don't they? That's right, they do. Since you're no longer married, neither of you have any authority over what happens in each other's homes--that's what you gave up when you got divorced.

      If you were so worried about your daughter living in a stable environment, you wouldn't have given up on your marriage so easily, would you have? But you did. And on the (shamefully) few days where he's allowed to see his daughter, he has the right to do what he wants, like it or not.

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  • Go to court and get a court order against him


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