Can text my exboyfriend back after I broke up with him while drunk?

I got really drunk a few nights ago and I heard something that one of my boyfriend's friends had told one of my friends. He pretty much told her that my boyfriend didn't really care about me. It pissed me off because he is always the one to say "I love you" and stuff like that. I got really blackout drunk that night and I texted him pretty much to go F himself. At first his messages seemed concerned and confussed, but then near the end he was the one suggesting breaking up like he didn't care. I texted him last and when he read it the next morning he didn't respond even though he told me he would talk to me when we were both sober. I feel really bad about texting him under that condition. Am I allowed to text him and say sorry for texting you while I was that drunk that isn't how I should have handled the situation (but not saying Im sorry for ending it ) or do I just not contact him.


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  • Yes text him or better yet, call and talk it out


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