Should I wish my ex gf a happy bday?

If I want a future chance of reconciliation or hookup with her again should I wish her a happy bday? When we broke up she wished me a happy bday.

She came back to me once when I just went no contact for 2 months then we broke up again after arguing. This time we've been in no contact for 2 weeks.

It sucks I want her back and I know she still loves me but I did mess up when I started argumenrs. She said she'll always love me, it's going to be hard, and she's going to miss me. She also gave me hopes of reconciliation in the future after we've grown.. Should I wish her a happy bday or just walk way?


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  • NO, don't do it. You need to waste at least a month before you try to contact her again. If you end up back with her, she'll have other birthday's or you could even make up for missing her birthday, but if you do it now she'll think she still has you and you won't be desirable to her. I've seen how all of my girls that are friends act, it's stupid, but true.

    • Thank you. Yeah reverse psychology has to be used here. I wonder if she'll be mad

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    • I missed the part where you said "hookup" and it was your fault for starting arguments, my advice will probably work and if it does, you better act correctly and not act like a douche, no one likes a douche... but at least you can admit it was your fault I guess, that's the first step in recovery lol.

    • Welps time for the waiting game then lol

  • Yes, do it.

    • Any reasons to why?

    • She did for you. You both want to get back together in future and still have something for each other. No point in messing around and playing games. Move past that point in your relationship.

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