Cheating Wife - What would be my best approach given we have a 1 year old son and a long history?


As the titles says i found out my wife is in a way cheating on me. A few years back we separated for a few months in which she started dating someone and talking to a few other people. However, during all this she would still talk to me like we were together so it was just a huge mind game at the time. Long story short she got pregnant (by me) while we were talking things out and in the end we got back together to work on us for the sake of our baby. Let me get something straight though. We do not hate each other and its not like we don't have a good time together it was just the fact that she's been living with me since she was 16 1/2 (we are in our mid 20's now) and im not a drinker or a "party kind of person" which she was. So this in turn made her kind of explode and just went crazy when we separated. So when we got back together i told her i wanted to try to join and get used to those parts of her life. Its not like i didn't want to it was just an awkward place for me at the time and that's a whole different story. Okay moving on. So since then apparently she kept contact with a lot of the guys she was talking to/semi dating during our separation which she was caught for on a few occasions by me finding it on her phone randomly. And still to this day 2 years later i found the same thing but this time more. Now she is sending pictures in her underwear to 2 guys from a social networking site in which he returned nudes which she saved on her email. After talking to her about this i told her it needs to change so she said okay ill reset my phone and change my number. So i thought she did but she didn't and i found that out the next day so i told her again. This time she did everything right in front of me so i felt good about it like maybe she's finally done. Wrong, next day look again same people saved under different names every time. I honestly don't know what to do and no one to really talk to about it. What are your guys thoughts?


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  • Have you given her an ultimatum? As in: it's these guys... or me? Maybe since you have taken care of her all this time, she takes you for granted now. If she respects you, she will do as you ask. If she has lost respect for you, the two of you should work at getting it back. And if she's not willing to work at it, then it might be time to cut her loose.


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  • Are you serious you want to stay with this women?

    Why you dont divorce her? or run?

    • Well she just gets into these ruts in life where she wants to be 16-18 again. Its not like this is constantly happening we do have a great life for our age and like i said we have no animosity tword each other. So its not like i can just up and run. I also grew up in a divorced family (she didn't) and i don't want to put my son threw that. Most people say well he's only 1 he doesn't know. I don't remember when my parents divorced but i feel like it caused me to not be as close to my parents growing up always going back and forth.

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    • Like i said she has a problem falling back into this rut. she's normal and loving for a long period of time but then it all comes down like a ton of bricks. So its not like she doesn't care about our son its just at the moment she's in some weird bipolar mindset if you will.

    • I think you finding some excuses to make yourself feel less hurt sorry but once the women cheat and she have husband she will do it again

      Plus where is your pride?

      Now it's up to you what you want to do with her but she will always do this because you still didn't make a serious move yet give her ultimatum AT LEAST

      It's your life its up to you live like chiken or like lion it's your choise

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  • You could also ask Expert @Aaron-Anderson, I am sure he'll have great advice for you.


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