How do you get over someone?

There was a girl, and i liked her, a lot, but due to a butt load of details that don't matter, our relation ship is over, leaving me officially heart broken. Dose any body know any good ways to, fight the sadness? not necessarily getting over her, for i have no desire to be with her anymore, but how to feel better. basically dose anybody have any good distractions that are not harmful too my lifestyle? thanks :)


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  • There's lots of stuff to do to be happy :D
    Take pictures of yourself imitating emojis
    Get a puppy
    Or a kitten
    Or a fish, but fish are lame
    Or lots of fish. That's less lame
    Find a new girl. There's lots of fish in the sea. Lol fish :3
    Listen to music :D
    Dance!!! (Not like anyone really cares, right?)
    Study. Lame and boring but oh well.
    The possibilities are endless :D

    • lolol thanks ur post made me laugh :) soo true! i had actually just finished reading all the signatures in my high school yearbook, which by now i think is the single best way to feel good about yourself lol

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    • thats true, butt i dont wanna be fat! lol

    • there's always exercise!!

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  • God is close to the brokenhearted so let God love you.

    • niiiiiceee awnswer... you guys are making it hard to choose a MHO lol

    • Man says 'To get over someone, get under someone'.

      God says 'The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit'

      I choose God.

    • i myself am personally LDS (morman) and yeah the fact that the holy ghost will always be with us when we need him is just one of my strongest beliefs :)

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