Why Does Good things happen to bad people and bad happens to good people?

It seems like no matter how hard I try in relationships my good is never good enough. It seems like I'm too nice or something because Good things always happen to bad people like I always get guys who don't try to understand me or who are mean to me while other people always get the guy/girl they want the good person who love them unconditional even though they are being cheated on. it seems like? The more I try to be good the more bad things happen. Im getting bitter when im trying to to do good. So someone please tell my why good things always happen to bad people?


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  • Because the world, life, existence, etc... is a giant cause and effect ocean. Things just happen, things are handed to you at times that you don't ask for, and things don't always go as planned. People see others as good or bad, but the grand workings of being alive are impartial and don't know a thing about human-invented karma.

    Life is about many things (often contradictory) that you have to learn. One such example that applies to you now is to not take life too personally, but to also take it serious enough to recognize what is going on and how to improve or react from it. You think "Oh I'm a good person and I mean well, but bad things still happen to me"

    YES, bad things happen to everyone. Welcome to the world, cupcake. Whatever happens to you, it doesn't matter because the event that handed it to you is blatantly unbiased. It, and the world in general, will carry on regardless of if you respond well or not to it. So you are the only one that stands to lose with thoughts of feeling bitter, exhausted, or like you want to give up.

    With that kind of cruel nature about the world, why WOULDN'T you want to keep standing up and fighting on? You'll only make things more miserable for yourself if you let life knock you down and keep you there.


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  • I don't know... But all I know is,"KARMA IS A BITCH"


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