Why would my ex only unblock me from twitter?

Okay so we broke up back in October. Was on and off till end of nov before we both went NC. It was an ugly break up. Anyways back at the begin of jan I check his Twitter out of curiosity yet I'm still blocked. I block him from seeing mine & get on with my life. Also deleting his best friends of snapchat once I realised they were just checking up on me.

I checked his Twitter again yesterday & he had unblocked me yet I'm still blocked on fb. Any reason why he'd unblock me on one & not the other?


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  • Maybe he is just trying to slowly make the transaction between disliking each other to slowly becoming mutual

    That or he was hoping you wouldn't notice so he could spy on you ;)
    Every guy is different
    Maybe talk to someone who knows him well
    Or depending on how Unbias you can be try and think about how well you know him and think about what motives he may have


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