Girl doesn't want to talk to see me anymore?

So this girl I've been dating and sleeping with for almost 2 years said that she doesn't want to see me or talk to me anymore, so we get over each other and if I started hangout with her again it would just happen to be the same thing again... Do you think she fell in love with me and this is why sea doing this to me?


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  • I think she is over it honestly. I think she wants to move on and she can't do that if she is seeing you. Sounds like she wants something more serious or she could possibly be interested in someone else.


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  • Yup I think you are correct. Especially if she telling you to stay away until she get over you. I think she fell in love and believe it's not mutual so until she's able to get her emotions under control she's staying clear of the hurt.
    That's fair!


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  • Your time with her is over now.. and she is in moving on zone.


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