Left Amazing Girlfriend for a Girl w/ a Boyfriend? And doesn't know why ex is heartbroken? Girls, how would you feel?

I don't understand it. My friend did this to his ex a couple days after she told him she was in love with him (and he said it back). He did it right after he promised to never leave her, etc. And he left her to chase after a girl who already has a bf, saying he hopes this new girl will LEARN to love him!!
He says he doesn't get why she hates him for it. I can't believe he doesn't get how heartbroken she is!!!

I'm gonna show him these answers, so if you would, please give your opinion on this or explain to him why she's so hurt. thanks!
You guys don't know how much your opinions mean! I can't even thank you enough!!


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  • I mean this politely... what a prick.

    1. Any emotional attachment hurts when one leaves... especially right after he says he'll never leave her.

    2. Leaving someone for someone who already has a boyfriend is double asshole, I mean... he now has placed pressure on two women as well as a third party (boyfriend) what a horrible character does that to people he 'cares for.'

    I'm literally in disbelief this is all I want to type incase I use worse language.

    Nice of you to post this to help him see... this is absolutely incredible.


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  • Although i'm not a girl I'm still going to comment on this.
    The guy sounds like a dick. Sounds like he's the one who needs to "learn" how to love. I'm grumpmy today so i'm going to go as far as saying that you shouldn't even be friends with the guy. He sounds like he is only doing things for himself and is fine with abusing other people's feelings


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  • Cause. The fucktard used the L word. And so did she. He made a promise to her. She wanted to be with him. He was her one and only. And he threw her away like trash.

    She's better off. Any guy idiotic enough to not see the good he has isn't worth being with.

  • Clearly this guy has some major entitlement issues, thinking that all girls should fall at his feet and "learn to love him", as well as accept the fact that he's super unpredictable and unstable. He clearly lacks empathy, and it seems like he actually is uncapable of loving anyone if he can jump from girl to girl like that, without even realizing why it might hurt people in the process.

  • It's pretty obvious that you're the girl in question.

    It's quite sad that you would create a male profile just to gather opinions to support your broken heart.

    He's not worth it, honey. Why would you bother chasing after this guy? He's clearly a moron, if he believes the taken chick will "learn" to love him.

    Count your losses and move on.

    • thanks for this, but i really am i guy w/ a gf. haha. the guy who did this and his ex were 2 of my closest friends. i talk to both of them a lot. and he keeps asking me why she hates him so much, etc. my explanations don't do any good, his ex won't respond, and so i figured it would help him to see it from a girl's point of view

    • I understand that what that guy has done is mind boggling, but seriously.

      New profile, manner of speech and being overly grateful and eagerly agreeing with everyone that says that guy made a mistake.

      "You guys don't know how much your opinions mean! I can't even thank you enough!!"

      No third party is this eager or gives that much of a shit about a relationship. No rational male would ever think a post on the internet with what strangers think would believe this would help in any way.
      This has heartache and hormones written all over it.

      You're not fooling anyone, sweetie.

    • haha just my style but okay i won't argue about it

  • Well besides the fact that he took a shit all over her heart, opened up her insecurities like a gaping wound and threw napalm into it watching her sense of self esteem, trust, and love burn like spontaneous combustion is in style... well then... you see my point. He's a hedonistic jack ass with an agenda to ruin said "amazing" women.
    I really do hope new girl's bf finds out and give him the ass kicking of a life time. Hope he gets ED early on, see who would love a dickless dick. You think this is harsh? If only you could see into his exes mind. She's probably smiling at thoughts of him getting hit by a bus.

    • wow beautifully written and so accurate! yeah i can't imagine what's going on in his ex's mind

    • Yeah I don't have sympathy for stupid evil people like him. If he's honestly wondering why she hates him he has a few loose screws up in there. Stupid or not, what he did was pretty evil and quite frankly abusive bordering on the side of being a sociopath. Watch out man, men with no sense of morals will hurt you or those around you. Keep your girl close.

    • yeah i was thinking about that. i will. and i've been told that i should even reconsider our friendship...

  • th05.deviantart.net/.../..._____by_Wiltsgurl17.jpg

    How can he not see that he did THIS to her?

    This is all I have to say to him...



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