Male/female. break up due to different religion?

Has anyone broken up from a perfect relationship due to your parents being against the relationship because of different religion and race? What happened to the relationship? Did you ever go back?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Hehe, The only dipshit here is yourself, Allowing someone you love to be seperated from you over a magic pixie fairy that has no scientific proof of actually existing and the book that created them is total BS, written 5000 years ago containing magical crap and was probably written by a high marijuana seller in the desert is just crazy.

    Life is too short to let bulshit like this dictate your life, Screw religion and realise the potential of life and everything the planet offers without the shackles of having to worship some prick in the sky who allows things like kids being born with horrible diseases and natural disasters to happen, Dont break up with someone just because their magical genocidal asshole is different to yours.


What Girls Said 1

  • No and I wouldn't. My parents, one is Christian, one is Muslim. It can work if neither is selfish.

    • I know but his parents are against me because Im not christian and he can't go against them. We;ve been dating for almost 3 1/2 months.

    • Are you any religion? If so, he can at least tell his parents from a religious point of view any religion is better than none. Also, religiously the main reason not to marry outside of religion is because it might mean not teaching your kids religion, it's not forbidden just advised against, and as long as the kids will know about it it's ok. They can't just make up their own rules. If he likes you that much, tell him to do his own thing and you guys can negotiate on religious stuff

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