Does he still care still?

So I had a fight with this guy, and he was messaging him everyday, and on Valentine's day I sent him a photo of the present that I had bought for him, and was going to give him when I saw him, he lives overseas, anyway I sent it on whatsapp, I had only signed up and his last log in before I joined was one week before, after sending him the photo, he sent me message I don't care I don't want anything from you, you give me space, and peace bye. So I haven't said anything since, that night he logged in again twice, and then came on again Sunday, and when I was on Monday night he came on when I was online, within seconds he had gone off, then he logged in again about 20 mins later, then he came back a further 3 times, again logging off very quick, so fast that not enough time to send a text. Does It sound like he still cares, and was checking if I had sent him any more messages. I know that he did really like me before, but we had a misunderstanding, he blocked me on Facebook day after misunderstanding but hasn't on whatsapp. What do you think? Before I joined I think he rarely used the app, as it was one week before when he was last on prior to me joining.

Valentines Day

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  • It sounds like he wants nothing to do with you. How long were you together for that you are sending a gift overseas?

    • he only started coming on lots after I joined, and when he came on within seconds he had gone and within 20 mins had logged back on like he was seeing if I had message then he came on 3 more times after, prior to me joining his last log in was 1 week earlier

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    • I know how much he cared also before that we used to chat every night for upto 5 hours a night and Skype, plus phone, and text.

    • Perhaps you should just respect his wishes and give him his space. in my opinion you'd be better off putting your energy into finding someone who is willing to put as much effort into the relationship as you are.

  • It sounds like he has his own problems. The best thing you can do is maybe text him one last time and give him a few days, if he doesn't respond. just give him space for a few days.

    • I haven't messaged him since he sent that message, and that was Saturday, but everytime I have been online he come on for seconds and was back within 20 mins the first time, like he was seeing if I was sending him a message, because he only started coming on lots when I joined

    • I am giving him space by not texting him Or phoning him or messaging him

Valentines Day