How to make him realize what he lost?

Me and this guy have known each other for almost a year. We casually hooked up, became good friends (over the summer we were separated for four months but talked every day) and he eventually started liking me. I wasn't ready, but when I was he started dating someone else but never told me until after he used me to cheat on her. We've been through a lot but now that we have had sex again (we didn't for three months after he and that girl dumped him for cheating) he is ignoring me again. I've had a good think and I realize that the amount of times he has lied to me, ignored me, used me and (perhaps accidentally) emotionally manipulated me has been too much to just ignore anymore in hopes he will come back to me. I'm fine leaving him in the dust but I really want him to see he lost something good - he liked me a lot before, loved talking to me and had feelings for me and I was there for him during his break up when everyone else wouldn't give him the time of day. How do I make him see all that while leaving him behind?


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  • Tell him you want to take it to the next level (seduce him into paying for his own chastity device (such as the CB3000) and lock him up... tease him some more then give his key away (or keep it, or throw it off a bridge). He will realize pretty quickly what he lost.

    • Iiiiiii need a translation. I'm not quite sure what you are getting at.

    • Oooh. I've Googled the CB3000. I was looking for some real advice though.

  • Don't do a thing... let time work it's magic.


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