Is it over? Is there no way someone could move past this?

I had the pleasure of meeting an angel on February 14 2014, and she gave me the best year of my life and showed me how to love again. 3 months into the relationship I saved a video and naked pictures of a girl I once used to have sexual relations with in my email as well as a topless picture of some random girl off Instagram. That day I felt bad about what I did and deleted everything from my inbox, but my girlfriend stumbled across them still. She did some investigating and found out who she was, and out of fear of losing her I called that other girl and told her to block my girlfriends number so we can move on past this and keep my girlfriend. She did not, she spoke to her on numerous occasions, but me and my girlfriend tried to work things out. I can't remember if it was before or after this but I contacted her and another girl that I was in New York at a time, but failed to meet up with them or have another conversation with them since the initial contact. 6 months later and my girlfriend is trying to leave me because I didn't grow up fast enough, and I didn't find employment fast enough and I didn't want to move away to Washington fast enough. Once again I fight to work it out and had 4 amazing days planned surely to win her back. I need to add during the first day of her trying to break up with me I reached out to the same girl who I had saved the video and pictures of to let her know I was single and that I wanted to meet her the next day, but when the time came to see her I realized I loved my girlfriend way too much to just give up like that. So I texted her that I was tryin I work things out with my girlfriend and she said she understood. So I'm on my way to see my girlfriend on a Friday to take her out shopping to kick start off the 4 days but then the girl calls my girlfriend 20 minutes before I get there and has a mouth full of poison about me to my girlfriend and now my girlfriend hates me, she blocked me and wants everything back. Is it over?
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  • No, I don't think it's over. However, now you'll just have to try a lot harder to get her back, and it'll probably take a but longer than originally.


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  • Hate to be blunt pal, you dug your own grave. Not smart to save that stuff


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  • It's dead Jim.


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