Boys--- A break or an excuse?

Okay so, me and my boyfriend were together for about 2 months- not long but we talked for a while and we got really close.. He began hanging out with his best friend again and once he did, shit went down. His best friend's girlfriend is friends with me and he absolutely hates it. They hate each other more than you could ever imagine. So one day, we had been planning to hangout that day for about 2 weeks and earlier in the day, he told me that he couldn't hangout. Automatically I knew he was going to a party because his best friend was going to it and they had a sleepover the night before and I guess I was fine with it. So then I'm home all night watching sad netflix movies and crying about them then I fell asleep at like 8pm. Then I woke up around 11pm and his best friends girlfriend called me and told me he asked a girl to hook up. So I called and asked and he obviously denied it and thats where the fighting ever started. I put that behind me and things were still a bit shaky and this absolutely beautiful girl popped up on his best friends list. So, I just let it go because I wanted things to work. So then, the next week we went to the movies. We didn't even kiss when I got there and we didn't even talk much. But then randomly during the movie, he was being weird and was like "Wanna kiss?" like no you don't ask me if you wanna kiss, just kiss me. So I turned to him and gave him a peck and then turned away and he was heated but whatever. Then the next day he was talking to his other best friends girlfriend that I've known for four years and he told her things were probably gonna end soon. So I tried naming things work but he just didn't know what he wanted, so I ended it. Four days after, he hung out with that snap chat girl. There I was, miserable, I didn't tell anybody. Since then, I told my family and it's just been weird I don't know. Then he told me we just need a break. And I have been giving him space. Then I told him I missed up and he said he was confused…….. HELP
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  • There's no reason to put yourself through a bunch of grief over a 2 month relationship. It's only been two months!

    • No offense, your boyfriend seems like a jerk, why start a relationship if you are not going to be committed to it, you guys have only been dating for 2 months and now you have both called it quits, WTF is with that?

      Trust your intuition, it is alerting you that something is ###### up, do not let your feelings for him cloud your judgment and do not think that you will ever be able to change him either, if he is behaving like this now just imagine how things will be down the line (only after 2 months for ##### sake).

      I think you should save yourself now and give it up before he cheats on you and really ends up traumatising you, his weird behaviour is a good indicator that he probably already has.

      He is probably canoodling with that punk ##### and does not even feel any guilt about the way he is making you feel, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH HIM, I know it will be hard to let go of him but it would be best for you to just get it over with now before you end-up regretting it.

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