My ex can't talk to me properly?

Okay so me and my girlfriend finished just over a week ago and she's changed so much. And I can't get my head around it. We could talk for hours about anything and everything and now all I get is the cold shoulder. The only responses I can get are "yeah" and "fine". I've been living away and the distance was a big factor to why we broke up. She said we having nothing in common and things are different. I have to say I agree but Im home soon and I want to keep a friendship at most with her because she means the world to me. I'll admit I've done some mean things and I could have been more gentle at times like she always wanted. she said she'd like to be friends also but whenever I try to hold a conversation now I get the cold shoulder and when I ask why I get told told to shut up. So my question is why has she said she wants to be friends yet is making no effort and if I leave her alone for a long time will we drift further apart? Or will she miss me? If I leave her alone then how long should I do it for? It's so hard for me to gove her space while thinking I'm only losing her more


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  • Even if a girl says she wants to be friends, usually she's not ready, which could be why you're getting the cold shoulder. She probably is still working out her feelings and trying to be friends this quickly could set her (and you) back about ten steps

    • Any suggestion on how long I shiukd leave Her? I honestly can't lose Her completely

    • Should*

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