How do I make him see he's losing me?

I'm finally cutting out the guy who has made my life complicated for the past few months. We used to have a really good thing, but then he started lying to me, ignoring me, and using me; he's embarrassed me and emotionally manipulated me (not sure if those two were accidental or not). I was there for him in a rough time and he used to really like me. I want him to see that he is losing me (and that he is losing a really good thing). How do I show him that?
We don't see each other often as it is. Only when we want to hookup. We primarily keep on touch via Snapchat and that's IF he wants to talk (and basically so we can have sex, he no longer "really loves" talking to me). He checks out all my stories though and has me on Facebook.


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  • Don't show- say. Guys hate when they have to crack a safe, to get what we think is plainly obvious. Why beat around the bush unless it was early days where you could hint, and if he didn't get it you knew you'd have to say more if it got too bad.

    • So just ignore him until he asks?

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    • I meant I would tell him if he asks. Like if he tries to set up a hookup date (via Snapchat most likely) then I will say "Not likely because 1) I'm not desperate, 2) I don't want to be your receptacle, 3) IF I was going to let someone use me like that I would at least want them to get me off properly, and 4) You aren't who I thought you were and that disappoints me."

    • Sounds good :)

      Good luck hun, I hope he's smartens up or you get him out of the way for someone better ;)

  • The only way to show him is to tell him. How else would he be able to directly know how your feeling. If he's being mean to you then doing other strategies won't work. If it gets any worse I'd tell a teacher you trust to get involved. My art teacher has been helping me get rid of a good friend of mine that's gone bad maybe you know someone that could help you. Best of luck

    • I'm 21 and I'm in university. Teachers don't really get involved. I'm thinking that yes I would tell him that we aren't hooking up anymore and the reasons would be 1) I'm not desperate, 2) I don't want to be a receptacle anymore, 3) if i was going to let someone disregard me as a person i would want them to at least get me off properly, and 4) I miss who I thought he was and what I'm left with makes me sad.

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