Should I move on?

We had a casual relationship for 5 months that really deteriorated because we both felt more strongly than we let on. We admitted this to each other one month ago, but he said that he didn't think we should try anything because I was probably going to move state for college in August. We attempted to just be friends but it didn't work because we have crazy chemistry. The last time we hung out, I asked him what we were and he said he didn't have the answers. I texted him the next day and he called me after work. But inside I felt tired, tired of him not pursuing a serious relationship with me. After that, we didn't talk for two weeks. This was SO hard because when we were in our good times, we talked EVERY day, sometimes we talked on the phone for four hours. Ten days ago I uploaded on my snapchat story that I got into a university I wanted to and he sent me a VIDEO saying how proud he was of me and congrats. I said thank you. I was sort of surprised that he sent me something. I wonder if he will ever call me again. We said in our good times that no matter what we'd try to be friends but I kinda feel resentment? And I don't know if it's a good idea for me to try to be friends. Maybe he's already over it? Should I just move on?


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  • I think he is just being realistic. He knows that you will move in six months and he knows that there's little sense in getting into a relationship because you'd both end up getting hurt. I don't think you should feel resentment – it's just bad timing, and he's just trying to be realistic about things. He probably isn't already over it. It's clear that he cares about you a lot. As for moving on, yes, you should. It may be awkward to be friends right now since you both want more, but try not to lose him as a friend at least. He sounds like a good guy.

    • My guy roommate said if he really liked me, he would try to make it work :/

    • That doesn't necessarily have to be the case. Some people can do long distance, others already know from the start that they can't. It would be several years of being apart most of the time, and he seems to be aware how hard it will be to be with you for half a year now, and then see you go. I think his actions and what he says show that he cares about you deeply, but he knows that there's no future. Long distance is very very hard. I've done it before and the guy broke up with me because of distance. Some people just cannot do it, no matter how much they want to be with the person.

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  • what will you gain by not moving on? i suspect nothing but hurt

    • You're right. The video where he said he was proud of me made me feel bad because we said we would try to be friends. I don't know why I worry about coming off as mean?

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