My boyfriend dumped me because of my depression and lack of libido?

Me and my boyfriend had been together for nearly a year, things were going fine. My aunt passed away recently, I also have anxiety and noticed it is worse right now and I didn't really have a sex drive, I put it down to my depression. He knew about my problems. We spent Valentine's weekend together and had a nice time, so it all come as a shock.

He said to me last night that there's no passion in the relationship since we don't have sex often anymore and I'm not really affectionate towards him and that if I care about us and want our relationship to continue I should go see a doctor and sort myself out. I explained that there's no magic pill that will instantly make me happy again, it takes time and I think it's perfectly normal for someone to be down about losing someone close to them and as for the sex it's something that will come back over time. He said he had no patience left, I could be lying about how I feel, made out that I'm heartless and thought we should split.

I'm really down about this since I cared so much about him and thought better of him. I don't really know if this is a question, I needed somewhere to vent since I'm so hurt.


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  • How long he wait for you to be normal again?


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  • okay i have a shot gun and i need his name, address, social security, age, drivers license, and of course his credit card number cause thats fucked up and imma hurt him


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