Me & my girl girl just split up. I'm like going crazy jus trying to get a response out of her, but she will not respond & has even blocked my #?

I don't want to freak her out but I'm clueless on what to do. What's the best way to draw her attention that will make her jealous, so that I can get her back. Even if she's started to see someone else because of her getting the wrong idea by feeling unappreciated?
And let me ask you this. If you've been w/ ur boy for 1 1/2 years, would u block him jus BEC it would make u upset; or bec u was texting u 2 much. I barely text, but I know that I sent way to many bec she didn't jus block me right away... Jus as soon as several of them got sent, to which I'm mad at myself for that


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  • Give her a few days. I am pissed off at my bf at the moment over something stupid and I don't want to speak to him until I calm down. Don't bother her anymore and in a few days just said a nice message.

    • Ty. I'm jus hopin that she wants nothin ta do w/ me l because she found someone else.

    • So Ty very much for that. If I wait 1 ( or 2 weeks) to write a letter bec I can't get through to her... Would that mean anything or show that I'm really tryin to get through 2 her ( not bec in desperate; jus so she knows that she means somethin 2 me )

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  • She blocked you because she does not want anything with you.. Its just best for you to move on..

    • I figured, but she's really upset w/ me & said were done... But, she's said that before. Jus don't know what to think anymore

    • Yes, she might be very mad/upset with you. To block you.. But just give her few days or weeks.. To calm down, then you can try to talk to her.

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  • Stop what you're doing.


    Just Smurf for a day or two.

  • She blocked you. She's seeing someone else.. You are freaking her out heck you are freaking me out. leave her alone !! u'll be finding yourself with a restraining order

    • I know I'm chill, but my friend had my cell when I was in California for 3weeks & he sent all the texts through my cell. So, don't know if she'll believe me on that

    • Honestly I don't even believe you right now. Let that go.

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