Should I call my ex just to leave a message?

We broke up over something stupid and it was kind of my fault because he was always busy but after he said something mean to me a few days later he call me and he tells me how he feels about me and it confused me and he then hangs up on me.

I tried to text him after that and today but he will not reply, I know I'm wrong trying to text him but all I want from him is to tell me if he was sure but about letting me go because on the phone is sounded like he still wanted to be with me.

I want to try and call him tonight even if he doesn't answer I just want to leave a voice mail, should I do it or just leave him alone? It just hurts so bad knowing he still loves me and I love him that I just want to hear him say it instead of ignoring me.

By the way it's been almost 2 weeks since the break up but a week since he last called me.


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