GUYS why do you ignore your ex if you love her?

Say you still love your ex and she texts you why would you ignore her if you still love her? Would you just keep ignoring her or would you eventually reply?

What if all she wanted was closure, would you give her that?


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  • If he's trying to get over you, he's probably doing the "No Contact Rule". Which pretty much means that you won't be talking to him anytime soon, if ever.

    • ^^^^ this. Guys will want to preserve some dignity by not being a whimps who cry over something they should get over with so they're not going to contact her.

    • Because he contacted me after the break up to say he still loves me and he kind of hinted about getting back together but didn't come out and say it and he sounded really confused and then just hung up on me and that was a week ago and I tried texting him 3 days ago but he won't reply.

    • Exactly, he was really confused. But then he obviously decided that he wanted to move on.

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