Thinking of moving out of my girl friends place?

WE'VE only been going out for about 4 months and she has a child who's very attached to me we sort of jumped into things too quickly I think. Just a part of me wanted to be a dad but me and her fight almost everyday. We have had good times but we've been fighting constantly and she gets angry quickly over nothing. Nothing I do seems good enough. She claims to love me still. She started beating me up when I tried moving out. She's gone for the weekend and I am thinking moving back to my mom's. I am very afraid of her she's threatened to get her brothers at me and has said she would smash my car. She's sweet when she wants to be but she's spoiled as well by her parents doesn't appreciate anything I do she's 21.
I don't know why I still love her after everything hurts me to move away but I don't think things are going to change.


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  • What! You should do more than move out, you need to break up with this phyco!


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