Having Extremely Tough Time Getting Over Ex?


I can't believe I'm posting this but I've been having an awful time getting over my ex. He broke up with me Dec 2014 because he "fell out of love" with me, He recently decided to ask out one of his best friends. This "friend" was also my "friend" before I met him. Towards the end of my ex's and I's relationship they started getting really close, After he broke up with me she basically stopped talking to me and became even closer with him.

I confronted her about how sad it made me feel. She told me I need to grow up already and this is how life is, A lot of my friends are taking her side and I've just been extremely upset. My ex never cheated on me and I believe him I just feel horrible that she did this to me.

Do I really need to grow up? or do I have a valid reason for being sad?
He talked to me a lot about how he wanted to have a future with me- possibly marriage etc and I'm afraid this is going to happen to him and her, Don't best friend relationships end up lasting the longest?


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  • Human cycle for negative is positive. to get out a situation you must get out on how you started in the first place. To get over your EX you must not known him in the first place. thus you need time to forget about him and spend your time wisely. do other things. Do you need to grow up? NO, for it is true heart break that REAL FRIENDS COMFORT YOU. not tell you what you need to do. guess someone needs to find better options of friends.


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  • Sorry to hear that I know it sucks to be left by someone you love and care for still, trust me I'm going through the same thing and it hurts.

    I think it is wrong for your friend to do that to you, true friends would not do that and for her to tell you to grow up is wrong I bet if she was in your place she would be extremely hurt and sad. If he did that to you then trust me he is not a good guy and he will probably do that to your friend too, and then she will come running to you for comfort.

    I think you should just cut them both out of your life because seeing them is only going to make you more sad and hurt. I know its hard to get over him but trust me he is not the guy you thought he was he is a jerk for doing that to you, but trust me someone better will come along and make you happy k


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  • No.
    You're fine.
    What you need to do, is avoid -all- contact with your ex. That's the best way to get over him. The best and fastest way. I mean avoid seeing him in public, talking to him, looking at his Facebook. All of that. Complete cut him off, it'll pass the easiest and the fastest.


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  • Wow i'm sorry you are going through this, you definitely have a valid reason for being upset. Don't even waste your time worrying about either one of them. She seems like a really shitty person and i wouldn't bother ever talking to her again.
    As for your friends taking her side, i think they should just keep their opinions to themselves.
    It's not fair to take sides in a situation like this.
    If i was you, i'd cut off all contact with that friend and your ex.


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