Is there anyone who knows about legal separation laws?

I heard that when you legally separate from your spouse and they have children together by law for a period of 1 year both spouses are allowed to see other people however it has to be out in a public setting. They are not allowed to be with someone in a private setting. This rule applies for spouses who have children. If one or both spouses violate this law they could lose their children. I'm wondering if anyone can confirm that or has a web resource that would help? This would be for New York State law. Thanks in advance for your help.


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  • Different states have slightly different versions of this law. My legal separation was done in 2012 and we lived in the same house until we were able to finalize the divorce. basically what you do is you separate your assets. As far as the kids, you can do whatever you want. You can set the custody rules as if you we're divorced. I suggest using a mediator. It's a lot more economical.


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