Do I need to forgive and trust him?

he did the same mistake again. I found out he'd a communication with his x gf. and I hurt so much because isn't the first time but a second time he did again. he told me how he love me and trust him. he told me that I don't need to be worry.. just trust him and dont judge. do I need to trust and believe with him?


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  • It really depends on the relationship with which he had before and what are the terms now. I suppose if they were friends prior to dating that they could just be trying not to lose that friendship. It's a common concern that I have at least, of dating a friend whether if it doesn't work out if I could still call that person a friend.
    It all depends on the intent really, and whether he deserves trust in your opinion. Personally, I am still on friendly terms with my Ex (s), although I don't communicate with them or may still feel something for them. Although I do have feelings, they are more towards hoping they are happy and not that I must be that happiness, if you understand. Of course, this may or not be the case in question. But you need to understand there are two sides of the same coin. You get to know more about it by learning the other person and their why's and how they perceive things.

    My advice is simply to talk to him. Clearly this is of some concern to you and I would say there is reason to why it bothers you. Don't make a fuss over it, but explain calmly why it makes you feel insecure about all this, and that you want to trust him, but not simply have blind faith either. By all means, you cannot tell him what not to do, and you should not be authoritarian, but you could try have him sympathize or empathize with your sentiment. After all, it's only because you care and the relationship has some importance to you.

    Talking can work wonders, and building trust is crucial for a relationship, and must work both ways. Speak what's on your mind when you think it's right, and do so calmly, collective, clearly, and with no wrong intonation as to upset. I have no insight or knowledge of your case, but I do hope you may find some of these things a bit helpful.

    • thank you julgath.. u right. I think I need to talk with him clearly and I must say what's on my mind. it really help s thank you.

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  • I do not see any reason why he should contact his ex except if it is something that is work related or school related.

    • he'd his son with that girl. but he told me they dont have any contact at each other since they'd split but he lied

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