Break up and then start another relationship or first start another relationship and then break up?

There is always a risk to be alone for a while if break up first but some people may say its cheating to start with new one and then break up with the old one.
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  • Of course it's cheating to start a new relationship before ending a current one. How desperate and insecure does someone have to be if they can't be alone in between relationships.

    • I don't like to be alone in between at least I should have one main girl at a time.

    • People need to be able to be alone and find confidence and a sense of security in themselves, instead of always relying on someone else. A serial dater just looks like a person who doesn't value their relationships, just jumping from one to the next without much thought.

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  • Yeah i thnk you should break up first. it wouldn't be fair to her for you to only consider your feelings & not hers. If things aren't going well then call it off. its ok to be single. its worth it to meet the right person.

    • I'm not looking for a right person I'm looking for a girl to keep her around.

  • Why the fear of being alone? There's not written rule that says "one must be in a relationship at all times".

    Breakup first. If you can't be happy with yourself, how can you be happy with anyone else?

    • I like to be in a relationship its so much better to always have someone who cares about you.

    • Being in a relationship doesn't necessarily mean that person cares for you, or cares for you on the level you would want them to. That's what friends and family are for; to have someone who cares about you, no matter what... And, to be honest, I wouldn't want to be with someone who is just with me for the sake of being with someone.

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