Should we break up?

Me and my bf have been going out for 9 months. He's my first boyfriend but I don't even really want to talk to him anymore. He always annoys me. I'm really confused because he's my first boyfriend. I'm popular and he's kinda in between, I play volleyball and softball while he tries to play baseball but isn't very good. I feel bad cause we're very good friends but that'd really all...
Please help me!!


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  • You don't need a good reason to break up with someone. Just do it if you find him annoying.

    The longer you drag this on you will just make him hurt more.

    • Thank you! I really appreciate it

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  • If you don't enjoy his company why are you still with him?

    • I'm not sure. I was pretty much forced into this, we've always been close and we go to church together but I feel bad because he's really sweet

    • You shouldn't force yourself to be with somebody if you honestly don't enjoy his company. If you want to stay together you need to figure out what about him annoys you and either:
      a) tell him it bothers you and ask him to stop
      b) learn to accept that about him

    • Thank you! I guess I have a lot to think about

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  • Yes, you should break up. A long time ago. You will have other boyfriends. If he is mad at you, he'll get over it. If he's not friendly after you break up, that's life.


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