Why can't my ex be friends with me?

We were dating for a month and a half, and he broke up with me because he was suffering with depression.
He now can't be friends with me at all, he can barely acknowledge me, and when I did try to say it was okay to talk to me the other day, he was so rude and it ended up in a drunken argument. What is his problem, I only want to be friends!


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  • He does not want to be friends and you should accept his decision and not try and force the friendship on him.

    • Why wouldn't he want to be friends though? It doesn't make sense?

    • I have no idea but he does not want to be friends with you and you need to respect his decision.

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  • Don't care. You're better than him


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  • My ex and I broke Up...2 years ago. She still ignores me on purpose. She's a crazy bitch and I called her that


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