Broke up, now I'm lethargic?

Even though I'm better off without him & am fully coherent of this, my body has kind of wanted to shut down after my breakup. I did go to the gym this week but didn't work out as hard as I'd have liked to; I'm looking on POF again (where I met my ex); I'm in general just lethargic & not wanting to do much. I'm out of a stupid, one-sided relationship & I'm glad to be, I just miss components of it, & I miss the friendship I established with his roommate (totally platonic). So I'm wondering if I'm just getting used to the aftermath or whatever. What might be wrong with me? Has anyone else gone through this? What do you recommend? I


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  • There's nothing wrong with you. Everyone deals with breakups differently so the way you're feeling is okay. Even if it wasn't a good relationship, it's what you were used to. So now, you have to adjust to being single. It may take some time, don't try to push yourself into another relationship. I would recommend just taking some time to yourself for a little while and eventually, you'll start to feel better.


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  • Them chatting sites / meeting people off the Internet for romance can be

    gamble we take on meeting true love and sorry for your break up I hope you

    can put this behind you and wish you the best :)))


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  • It's a fresh break up, KBob93, and you haven't even begun to lick your war wounds or do any soul soul searching just yet. And with this Break up, it's a natural, normal thing to feel like this, feel Like-----My body has kind of wanted to shut down...
    Take some time for you and with each passing day, no contact with him, getting involved with your friends, your family, eventually going out again in the social circle, will make time heal all wounds, as they say.
    For now, don't rush right back into another relationship, for it most likely would end up a rebound. Make sure, as you think of the mistakes and all that went went wrong in this previous one, that it was a little lesson in love you learned and... learned by.
    Of course, there are the memories and things you will miss but as time rolls by, after awhile, it will just fade and life will go on... a new one
    Good luck and hope you feel better real soon... we have all been there, I feel you, sweetie. xxoo

  • Give yourself some time to get over it before creepin on pof. If you need to relax for a week or two do so. No shame in that.


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