She isn't over her ex but I'm in love with her and I'm willing to wait for this girl. Opinions?

I met this girl 4 months ago. We met through school friends during a group dinner. We noticed each other, got to know more about her and ended up exchanging number. After we would spend long conversations together and what not. I would visit her during class, drop her couple of positive notes in her locker to brighten her day. After multiple dates, we began establishing physical contacts (long hugs, holding hands). So I began to like her even more and my feelings starting to grow. Later she then told me she doesn't want to commit to relationship right now or be with me due to the fact that she is still attracted to her ex (Her first love/3 year long-term relationship) and wants to be with him although she can't be with him as he's not going to make her happy the same way. She also stated that she really likes me, she likes spending time with me, she likes being around me, I make her happy. So she told me all these because she doesn't want me to lead me on and she asked for space after all through this. I am deeply in love with this girl, I haven't felt this strongly about anyone as my past relationships. I want to be with a long-term relationship with this special woman. I am willing to wait for her. What should I do? I want to be there for her but then again I am afraid I would fall into the " just a friend" category.


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  • Well she wasn't honest from the start and was clearly content to date you, instead of telling you straight up that she didn't want commitment. She has told you that she likes her ex and wants him but he doesn't want her.. do I need to connect the dots? She's using you to make her ex jealous. You are a pawn and if you have enough self-respect you will ditch her and not waste a minute "waiting" for her to want you instead of her ex.


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