GF broke up - I want her back - what should I do?

My GF broke up with me three weeks ago. We were together for only 4.5 months. I know its not long but it was so special. I had some good relationships before but this was so diffrent in so many ways. It was love at the first sight. We both knew there was something diffrent like we would know each other for a very long time, like soulmates. I know she is the one. I want to marry her and be forever together.
She suddenly broke up. She said there is not enough love to stay together and I'm not what she is looking for anymore... a week before she broke up she wrote me a really nice letter how much she loves me, that I'm the one, that she would die if we were not together anymore. and many other nice stuff when you really are in true love.
I'm so confused.
I know I should accept it and move on. But I want her back. I can't believe what she suddenly said...
We never argued or fighted. and I know there is no other guy.

In the last three weeks we wrote only once and asked how is it going. not more.
Now I'm thinking about to show up after work at her office and surprise her and to talk a little bit.
But I guess it could annoy her or she may think I'm despret.


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  • Do not show up at her work, that is her place of employment and you shouldn't confront her with seeing you there. Give her space and just let her know that you want to understand and be there for her, but she has to decide if she wants to tell you why she really broke up with you or not, you shouldn't keep pestering her.


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  • She could just want some time alone

    LIke you know, you said no other guys and you guys never fought

    She might just not want to be in a relationship right now and there really is not point to keep pestering her..


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  • First, if it's only 4.5 months, its probably not love, but "puppy love." She sounds immature. Her saying "she would die if you weren't together" is extremely unhealthy. Her changing her mind so quickly shows those were just words. Never believe ppls words, only their actions. Her saying "there isn't enough love between you" after only four months? That's ridiculous. Study's show it takes a yr to fully know if you love someone or not. This is what you need to do. Tell her "I really care for you & I want to fight for you, but I respect you." Then, drop out of her life completely. Start hitting the gym more, gain your confidence back better than before. You don't have to date other girls, but at least hangout & talk to others. Do not post anything sad or depressing on social media. Do you. Focus on healing & bettering yourself. Let her miss you. Let her become curious.


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  • You should wait longer and just chill and relax


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