Should this get the point across to him?

I had a complicated casual hookup relationship with a guy. We both developed feelings but then he started dating someone without telling me and wound up cheating on her with me. And after three months of helping him through the breakup and starting to flirt and sext again, we hooked up. I realized he has been awful to me and since he only wants sex, there is nothing to hold me to him. I'm gonna send this following message. Does it get the point across?

"This may seem out of the blue, but your roommates were right and we shouldn't "hang out" again. It brings up a lot of bad feelings. I forgave you for putting me in a bad situation, but not for the lying, ignoring, embarrassing and using; you made me feel foolish and worthless and I'm still hurt and angry. I tried to be there for you, but it clearly wasn't enough. I've been crazily unhappy since we last hung out and I don't want to feel that way anymore. I just can't be around someone who doesn't care to acknowledge my existence unless my legs are open. Whether we ever talk again is up to you, I just need to take a step back from whatever toxic thing is between us. I can't say stopping this will make me happy, but it can't possibly make me anymore more miserable. I hope you've found your resolve. Good luck with school, good luck with Tinder."


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  • You developed feelings. I can guarantee he didn't!
    Stop lowering yourself to this twat and find your self respect

    • He actually developed feelings before I did and I rejected him because I had just been in an abusive relationship and wasn't ready. I'm using this to say we aren't hooking up anymore and these are the reasons why.

    • Wake up!!!

    • Yeah, hello, I'm awake. I'm sending him this message to say WE AREN'T HANGING OUT ANYMORE. Calm down, lady. Just tell me if it gets the point across or not.

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