Should I text him?

I broke up with my bf because he was lying about stuff. Yet he kept denying it until i flipped on him and said i dont want to talk again. He never tried to call. Why dont most guys admit lying? and why the hell wouldn't he try to contact me? Is it because he doesn't know what to say? I didn't try to contact him but at the brew or around uni, he tries his best to avoid me. Should i go talk with him or when he is comfortable enough he will?


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  • "I broke up with my bf... i flipped on him and said i dont want to talk again."

    That is likely why he hasn't contacted you. Or you didn't listen to him before. What makes him think you will now?

    He won't contact you. Either you make the contact or move on.

    • No you got the wrong idea. Sorry let me explain

    • For a month now i knew what he was lying about and for almost everyday i give him hints about how honest he should be and i will always be there but 2 days ago and i was direct about it and told him everything and he said he would never do that and what a terrible person he is if he did so and so on. I got so mad because im sure he is lying and i said lets not talk. It even was his idea first! He said if u dont trust me then we shouldn't talk so i agreed

    • OK. Your relationship is a waste of time. Forget about him and move on.
      Just from your side of it. I feel you don't trust him. Why would you want contact with him? Regardless of who initiates it. Move on.

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