How to make him see what he's lost?

I'm cutting out someone who has been rather toxic to my happiness lately. We used to have a good thing going but it got really complicated and awful and I've had enough of being dragged around emotionally. I'm leaving, I'm telling him that we aren't hooking up anymore because he's hurt me too many times and I'm done. How do I make him see what he lost?


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  • Just leave the situation if it's bad. Only worry about you, don't worry about whether he feels bad about it afterwards or not. Only reason to do that is to lead him to come back to you, and it sounds like that's not what's best for you. So it doesn't matter if he's learned anything from it if you make a clean break. If you're trying to teach him a lesson to try to "fix" him and rekindle the relationship, that's a different approach, and it would be playing games to leave with the intent of him regretting it and chasing after you. Decide if you're done or not, then go ahead and be done, or not. If you're not done, let him know your issues with his behavior and tell him you're almost done. But you have to decisively pick your approach, you can't walk in the middle of the road.


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  • Go to the gym, work out.
    Become 10 x hotter then he will ever be.
    Date a really rich hot guy.
    Try to make yourslef look your best. (Work on your hair, ect)

    Walk past him a lot and look really happy with your new rich hot boyfriend


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  • If someone isn't good for you, you cut them off like a tumor. You wouldn't try and spite a tumor, you just cut it off. Either he'll see it or he won't. If you focus on trying to make him feel regret, it could be even more harmful to you. Just leave him and move on. His loss and good riddance.

  • Talk to him be what you actually are be it serious fumny or whatever
    And he'll what he's actually lost

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    • Haha perfect. Yeah he's been a bit of a turd and I would like a little bit if happiness, thanks. If that means that he isn't in my life then that is fine by me.

    • Of course he isn't your life :)
      Life doesn't stop with a single person leaving you
      There are many more to come in your life who may hurt you even more
      All you gotta do is find the ones worth suffering for :p
      though the suffering should be in a limit

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  • You can't... I've learned that if someone doesn't wanna see they won't. He will see it when he's good and ready... Maybe nevertheless


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