Is it wrong to be so in love?

Is it wrong to be so in love with someone that you can't move on in life without them. Like I feel as though it is. My head tells me one thing but my heart tells me another. I try my best to move on but I can't stop myself finding reason to talk to my ex. And the social networking sites don't help. I can feel myself becoming a stalker. Do I need help?


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  • No, its normal.
    Itll take time to get over your ex.


What Guys Said 1

  • Take a break from social media delete facebook/instagram/snapchat all the other stuff for a few months so you can't look at her stuff and pick up a new hobby to try to take your mind off it. You can move on from someone it is possible, I was like that with my ex I just thought I couldnt get over her and things would never be good again but a year and abit on and everything is slowly getting good again. :)


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