Why dont some guys admit they are lying?

I had a fight with my boyfriend cause he was lying to me. I tried more than once to get him to tell me the truth in an indirect way but he played dumb until i confronted him with everything but he kept denying it and saying im a terrible person for not believing him and im 100% sure he is lying and we decided to not talk anymore. He didn't try to contact me either from that, is cause he doesn't know what to say? Should i talk to him or move on


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  • I don't get it, you know he's lying but he won't admit it? If you know for a fact (you saw him at a party with your own eyes and he said he wasn't there kind of thing) that your BF did something, why do you need him to admit it? If there's any question about it why can't you take his word?

    When I was a young man my stepfather would ask me questions he already knew the answer to, just to catch me in a lie. How mean it was to put me in that situation, it would have been better to just say I saw you at... what do you have to say about it? Instead of asking where were you?

    Do you understand, if it was something that you KNOW confront him with your fact, if on the other hand you just think it's true (your girlfriend saw so and so who said such and such) mmaybe he's telling you the truth.


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  • Well most guys tend to find it hard to tell the truth depending on the gravity of the sotuation which is normal. But if the relationshio between a man and a woman that was built on trust can coexist with the truth than you bet that its going to slowly or rapidly crash and burn.

    Personally try to have a conversation, NOT Discussion or Argument. A conversation to hear him out and get things settled back to normal remember love and trust come along together through any situation presented. So be kind and understanding when he speaks his side but if from the start he tries to add more lies trust that the secret he's keeping will hurt you and its probably keeping him from the relationship ending.

    • I know that it is going to hurt me, what he is keeping. but he can't keep lying about plus the relationship has ended already so why not just tell me the damn truth and try to make it right.. Again he never tried to contact me after our fight and agreeing we to not talk again

    • he's probably scared out of his mind that he found someone so beautifully perfect that fills his emptiness and he's trying to find a way. Remember even if there's love between the two the truth has some effect on the relationship that could change the perspecrive of two of you. If you both love each other and the truth finds its way im sure you'll get through that little bump on the road and keep on your way into a beautiful sunset.

  • Because if he was actually lying, then he wouldn't gain anything from being honest. Hence why he would have been lying in the first place.

    • I really dont know and thats what i want to talk to him about. He is 22 too so i guess you guys think alike. So even after saying we shouldn't talk anymore is trying to contact him a bad idea? He will just hold on to his pride and do whatever he does again

    • ""He is 22 too so i guess you guys think alike.""

      There is no guarantee for that at all.

      If he was lying, then depending on what it was about, it might be in his best interests to avoid contact. If he was NOT lying, then you clearly have shown that you don't trust him and there's not much he can do about it.

    • No he was lying i know it

  • Dammit I. Caught!!!


    Um... I'm sorry babe I didn't mean to lie

    • lol I. Just kidding.. I just wanted to post that face one time β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘ I'm sorry Bout that guy lying to you though might be a pathological liar...

    • thats what my friends said

    • In that case you should bury your emotions and maybe separate yourself from him ASAP! Pathological liars can get you in some hot water... Or even hurt and killed... You can do the alternative and try to sit him down and have a 1 on 1 talk with him like mature couples do. Just put it out there like, "babe we need to talk. I have trust issue with you because you lie to me a lot. Don't get mad, don't ague with me just listen. I don't know why you lie and I don't really care, but if you can't stop this then we can't be together. I know you lie because I've xUfht you before but I'm just asking you to please stop because i care about you and you don't have to hide things from me. Just please be truthful." Try something like that and see how he reacts... If he's a guy and he has pride then he's prolly gonna act like an asshole and swear up and doen he never lies. I have a friend that's a liar to I just rarely chill with his ass

  • First of all, when you play the manipulative, passive-aggressive game where you try to get us to admit something when you already have all the information, you deserve whatever you get.

    Second, if it's a big deal and you KNOW he's lying and you already cut off contact, what's to say? What would be the point of contacting him again? You said you told him you're done, why would he contact you? It sounds like you're obsessed with getting him to tell the truth to the point that you'll say things you don't mean to get what you want ("we're done, I don't want to talk to you anymore", etc). That's dishonest too, and no more admirable than lying outright.

  • because admitting they are lying is kind of counterintiviet


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  • Mr narcissist has reared his ugly head!


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