Even tho make ex pretty much broke up w/ me, I've been thinking about writting a letter w/ my true feelings... BUT I don't want it to sound desperate?

We've been going out for over year and she all of a sudden on New Year's Eve acts like she was out w/ someone else because I couldn't even get her to meet up w/ me that night, UNTILL 1145pm. After that she said went home but I Believe that she went to go fu%# someone instead. Then from January 1st until January 31st I didn't even hear from her. So it was a Saturday night and she all a sudden says "we need to talk" so she came over to my place at about 1:15 AM and she was upset THINKIN that I'm always being dishonest & there is a friend of mine who is a girl, which she can't stand because she's gotten the wrong idea about things. She got very mad at me as well and said: you don't even know where I teach at, but she's never actually told me. Then she says I need to think a little bit and she just leaves... I texted her & said I'm sorry if things seemed like that, but they weren't and that we'll be going out for Valentine's Day Then the next morning she said: NO, I had you come over just to say that I'm done with you. So, go find you another girl, don't contact me again... Have a nice life, which was upsetting as hell. So ever since then I have not been able to get one response out of probably 30 text, which I didn't mean to text that much, I was just really needing an answer. And is awes I was really wanting to know if she found somebody else or if she's just playing major head games. Anyways I don't want to come off as desperate or clingy so I was thinking about writing a letter coming from the heart. So far I've already written a two page letter which is incredible but like I said I do not want it to come off as I'm desperate because IM NOT AT ALL

So please tell me what you think on this!


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  • You are going to come across as clingy and desperate no matter what and if she is just playing games then you deserve someone better than that. Overall it sounds like she doesn't respect you, is emotionally manipulative/abusive, and is incredibly immature.

    • Ty for that. I've givin this a lot of thought & this does come off as her lying by the amount of time that she took to text me back on new years & to where, she jus all of a sudden says "went home" and than doesn't even text me back until the end of January. Not just that, but on how she can make such a decision like that w/ in the next day, by sending a text like that... It's upsetting, but like u said, she doesn't deserve me; and she's always been insecure to where she'd get so mad at me, jus by me talking to another girl, who was jus one of my very good friends, without her even asking who is that... So, when ur girl acts like that, does that show Insecurity, to where they'll jus go after someone else

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