I broke up with him. He said he was happy it's done with. If this is true why is he stalking me online?

Why is he still interested in what I do, 10 months after splitting up!
He's been stalking me for the entire time too.


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  • Two possibilities:

    1. Are you in another relationship, if so. 'Jealousy'

    2. If you aren't, then 'Regret'.

    Simple, if he was so glad he would've moved on. Clearly he still has some sort of feeling or attachment to you. Needless to say; those are the two things for me..


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  • Maybe his pride was speaking when he said he's glad it's done but now that he's had 5 minutes to realize your truly gone, he regrets not fighting for you... Mmaaayybbbeee


    • You could be right. I think if you were glad it was over you wouldn't need to announce that fact. You'd just disappear and slip into no contact and pray she went away

  • Depends really
    Maybe it's cos he's bored or because he's just realised it's over and finding it hard to get over you and looking and you and "stalking you" makes him feel better.
    How do you know he's stalking you anyway, is there a chance your mistaken.

    Anyway, a lot of the times when some guys get an idea, such as the possibility of getting their ex back they will become obsessed. Maybe he's going through this stage where he wants you back again, I don't know him so I can't tell for sure.

    Loads of reasons why he could stalk you, but I wouldn't worry about it, I have talked to some people on here and they just say they fantasise over some pictures but I wouldn't count that as stalking.
    When you say stalking what does he do as well.

    Anyway, hope it makes sense, if not feel free to ask for more advice and whatever
    Hope this helps.

    • I know he has been as he has left a visible tracE of it. He's probably mortified!

  • because he's bored and its Sunday

    • Ah, I get it. He has no life :-P

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  • Just block him or something if you don't like it and don't have your things public do it for friends only and don't add random people

    • I've come off of Facebook, Instagram etc
      He can't stalk me now

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    • I like him well enough. I just have an unwritten rule. Once a guy dumps me I never go back.
      It wouldn't be the same As it was before the breakup. So what would be the point

    • Oh I thought you dumped him lol don't know why. Ah well, his loss, and he obviously knows it.

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