Have you ever been dumped by someone who hasn't been your bf/gf?

We met through mutual fried. We live in different sates. He has been pursuing me for the past three month and intiate visit or offer me to see him. I knew that long distance is a hard work plus I have so many baggage. I am insecure. He tried so hard and I made it difficult. I opened up one of the reason why I was the way I was. The next day we had a fight. I guess that was it for him. From the way he talks I feel like I don't fit in his lifestyle, most probably from what I have told him. It hurts to open up and finally he lost interest. He said we are two different people. I felt like it is his coping mechanism for him because I couldn't say yes. I was eventually letting my guard down and willing to see him. I was waiting for the perfect timing. He sounds so determined. Should I forget about him? Do you think he will ever come back chase me again? They say once men lose interest , thats it.


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  • is that even possible hint no its not


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  • No, never have.


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