Bad idea to message ex a month after breakup?

She ended things because her parents wouldn't let us be together. We had plans to move out she got cold feet and ended things completley was too much for her to be sneaking around. Her parents would cut her off completley and would never talk to her again. Called me next day hysterically crying saying she just wants me saying she wants to go back. I said things will be ok. I called her two days later she was acting like nothing happened. I got pissed at the mixed signals got in a huge fight I hurt her she ended up saying she doesn't know if she wants to talk to me anymore. Then she msgd me a couple days later saying if I wanted my gift that I got her back. I told her I miss her a lot. She confirmed she misses me too but it's not a good time for us to be together.

Should I casually message her see how everything is going?


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  • I Think You should if you love her , then you must love her enough to even send her a text here and their but not so often because if she's going through these mixed signals also known as mood signs then she'll probably feel annoyed.


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