Why did he hurt me like this :( ?

I apologize if this story is too confusing but here goes:

So I dated a guy for a year and a half and our relationship was awesome until the last month when he stopped complimenting me and stuff and revealed he had feelings for his best friend. He told me he wasn't ready for a relationship and didn't love me anymore so he broke up with me in Dec 2014. I was pretty crushed.

After the break up the friend (who was friends with me first btw) and her bff stopped talking to me and hung out with him a lot. It really hurt me that they abandoned me- one day I decided to confront them about it and they told me they stopped talking to me because they thought talking about the break-up would upset me too much. I forgave them and moved on.

A month ago my ex told me he still had feelings for me and started treating me like he used to. One day he said he was gonna stop because he didn't want to get back together because he didn't want to end up like couples who break up and get back together a lot.

Fast forward to this week, out of the blue he told me he was gonna ask out his friend, and was pretty mean about it. I decided to tell the "friends" because I was really mad tbh, and they told me that 2 weeks after we broke up he told them he had feelings for the friend. She also told me I needed to grow up, get over it, and thats how life is. That really hurt /: She knew how much I liked him and still went after him.

They are now dating and both seem pretty serious. I just feel so hurt I don't know what to do ;(
My ex also sent me a goodbye forever text. He was like my best friend so it hurts that he walked out on me like this. Why did he hurt me like this? /:


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  • He'll do this with her too (most probably). He's a cheater, he used you. Now he's done, so he started with someone else.
    Yes it hurts so much but at least you're lucky that he showed his signs and you didn't end up your life with such a moron.

    • How did he cheat? He told me he never cheated and I believe him. I just miss our friendship so much :/

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    • Im hurt because she #1 she went after him knowing i still was pretty much in love w/ him and #2 he broke my trust bc i lef them hang out and trusted that he wojldnt fall for her because he told me he wouldn't. He also lied to me and told me repeatingly that he didn't like anybody and i found out he told her he had feelings 2 weeks after we broke up. Im also hurt by the goodbye text. He was the kind of guy i could talk about anything to and not feel judged, he didn't even wanna be my friend :/

    • You were lucky, he was a false friend. You'll surely find someone better.

      Free advice:
      ‚óŹDon't trust too much on people.
      ‚óŹDon't take that much time to get committed (1.5 years!)

      Best wishes.

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  • He is confused don't let him drag you through. That dirt with him

    • Move. On and be happy

    • Its hard to move on. I really miss him (mostly miss the friendship).
      He told me he'd never ever leave me and valued the friendship. But apparently not /:

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  • I am really sorriy to hear this happened (hug ) it sounds like something that would happen too me, :/

    hopefully time and maybe spending time with family or other friends will help at least a little bit

    • *hug* I've been trying to distract myself but just imagining him with another girl makes me sick. I feel like he never cared about me at all since he just walked out on the friendship like that :/

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