5 months later, Im still in love with him. He won't leave my mind?

We broke up 5 months ago. He has had two girlfriends between that time and is still with one. He hasn't been single the entire 5 months. I haven't spoken to him since the break up and he hasn't spoken to me. We were together 7 months and are neighbors. His sister is still over at my house all the time to hang out with my sister, and it makes it harder. We are both 24 and where very close, very in love. It ended when I graduated college and started my career. He was not making enough money, or happy with where he was going in life. He told me he loved me no matter what and I loved him no matter what, even if i made more money. His new girl started some drama on new years making up things about me saying i said things about him i didn't. I still didn't talk to him, but his sister asked me about it and I told her it wasn't true. He ran into my sister the next week and asked her how I was doing, and acting angry and annoyed that his new girl made up lies about me. But he is still with her. I am still in love with him, and I won't contact him in fear of being regected, and for the way he acted when we broke up. what do I do? Should I keep trying to move on, or try to talk to him?


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  • Sounds like you are doing well for yourself, if you still truly love him... let him know
    If you get rejected, so be it, at least you let your feelings be heard

  • From what you're telling me, you can do so much better than this guy! If he hasn't been single since you two broke up then that means he is very weak and he cannot handle anything on his own. Not to mention, he doesn't even know what he wants in life. you'll find someone better, I promise! Just focus on bettering yourself.


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