Will we ever get back together?

Hi my gf broke up with me we were together 7 years and we kept contact but she totally cut us seeing eachother out we use to be around each other all the time now nothing! And 2 months into the break up she started liking a guy but she didn't hang out with him just text and she recently stopped texting him to try to fix things with me but now she says she's lost feelings for me but she still loves and cares about me but feels like she shouldn't cuz of our past. And now we are 6months into the break up and she tells me she doesn't want to move on but she asks me "what would you do if I move on" and she says when that guy texts her she wants to text back but she doesn't and I told her to block him and she says no Cuz she wants to see what he has to say and maybe one day she will text back! So we still talk but it's only texting today she told me she misses me but can't forget my past she also said she thinks she's curious she's questioning that maybe she wasn't supposed to be with me and there's someone else out there for her! What's going on here?


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  • She seems confused and doesn't know what she wants. Sounds like she still cares tho.


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